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at a northern california facility for the elderly. the deadly ingredient that t . two people die after eating soup at a northern california facility for the elderly. the deadly ingredient that sent four others to the hospital. >> big check every day of the week. >> show us the money! one big campaign theme for candidates on both sides and propositions as well, next. who is behind the record-setting donations? space hero on neil armstrong, honoring a hero. thank you for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> and we've got a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. how blue can you get? that's one of the big questions being asked in sacramento, as democrats sweep, looks like a supermajority in both houses of the legislature, plus the governor. >> we have a lot to break down when it comes to the elections
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last week. we are also going to be talking with the chairman of the california republican party about the demise of the party here in california. it hit a new milestone last week with a record low number of registered republicans in california. >> and we'll sit down with state senator mark leno and ask him what's the future of prop 13, now the democrats are in control? might get interesting in a minute. we have lots to talk about, but it is a chilly morning around here. even colder than what we saw yesterday morning at this time, parts of the bay area under a frost advisory right now. brian hackney joining us live with what we can expect. i'm hoping a warmup. >> yeah, good morning, anne. thanks for coming by channel 5 this morning. veterans day, a fairly coolish day, but plenty of sunshine. a few clouds out there popping around. aside from that, it is going to be nice, if brisk. there is a frost advisory posted, especially up in the north bay, where temperatures are very chilly this morning. things nevertheless will be
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warming up. we'll tell you about the temperatures, what to expect for the rest of the week. rain in the forecast. first, phil and anne are in the forecast. >> thanks, brian. well, the forecast politically in california, democrats are in the most powerful position they have been in decades after tuesday's election. they will have a two-thirds majority, looks like, in both the houses of the legislature. >> and a supermajority, enabling them to pass tax increases without a single republican vote. republicans held the last supermajority back in 1933. all this follows the campaign that saw record levels of spending. here in california, a few wealthy people spend tens of millions of dollars with mixed results. tom stire spent $32 million in support of prop 39, which passed. charles monger spent 29 million on prop 32, which failed. and his sister molly monger spent 48 million in support of prop 38, which voters also rejected. across the nation this year, outside groups spent more than a
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billion dollars. cbs reporter michelle miller with more on who is behind these so-called superpacs. >> my job is to make sure i represent your best interest. >> reporter: he won his election this week as a freshman congressman from michigan. >> i'm never, ever going to raise taxes unless there is a war. >> reporter: this former school teacher might have not gotten this far without a superpac, which spent $800,000 to help him win his republican primary. >> god bless them, because it was wonderful. >> reporter: the backing came from john ramsey, a 22-year-old college senior from texas who inherited millions from his grandfather and launched the political action committee. >> we did this to get in the business of freeing america from your phonies and cronies that currently dominate the political establish mefnlt. >> reporter: ramsey is a libertarian who believes in lower taxes, less government spending, and more civil liberties. when ron paul dropped out of the
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presidential race, ramsey looked for new outlet for his political energy. >> well, superpac, you're able to facilitate a conversation, able to provide voters access to information. >> i'm tim bishop. how are you. >> reporter: democrat tim bishop, five-term new york congressman was the target of another small superpac created to remove him from office. >> big hearts beat big checks every day of the week. >> reporter: bishop was hit by $1 million in negative ads and direct mail from prosperity first. $750,000 came from one constituent, hedge fund manager robert mercer. mercer declined to answer questions, but bishop believes he might have been motivated by bishop's vote for new financial industry regulation. >> what it was designed to do is to fix some of the systemic problems that resulted in the worst financial collapse this country has had since the great depression. >> reporter: bishops was one of 63 house races this year where outside groups like superpacs
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spent $1 million or more. >> what i fear we're approaching is a process in which elections are bought and sold as opposed to won and lost. >> reporter: bishop was able to hold on to his seat, still spending and raises for the house and presidency by outside groups topped $1 billion this year. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. ffice. . and coming up on face the nation, what we can expect in president obama's next term in office. the big question? can he break the gridlock in congress? the president's campaign advisor david axelrod, plus republican senator lindsey graham for face the nation, right here on cbs 5. two people are dead, four others hospitalized after eating wild mushrooms in placer county. it happened at the gold villa elderly care home. on tuesday, a caregiver picked mushrooms on the property and used them to make soup. workers at a call center of the california poison control system
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say they have heard this type of story often, especially at this time of year. >> we get them almost every year, where people go out picking wild mushrooms and wind up picking these deadly mushrooms and wind up in the hospital, very sick, and intensive care, with a failing liver. >> now, there are some 5000 known species of mushrooms growing out there. but get this, only about 300 are known to be safe. a state department of social services is looking into that latest incident. the san jose police department is now getting new help from neighbors who are stepping up to the plate. neighborhood watch groups are forming and informing authorities about suspicious activity. recently, police arrested seven burglary suspects working with residents of san jose, all the result of people keeping their eyes and ears open. >> we always keep our eyes open for cars we don't or we are not familiar with, people we are not familiar with. we do try to keep in contact
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with our neighbors. >> there are dozens of websites and chat rooms devoted community watch. police say if you do see something suspicious, call 911 and don't take the law into your own hands. new this morning, two people are dead and two homes completely destroyed in an explosion in indianapolis. the blast happened last night. witnesses say it was loud and thunderous and that residents say the neighborhood now looks like a war zone, with dozens of homes damaged. at least 200 people were taken to shelters. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. and there was a powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake in northern myanmar today. as many as 12 people are feared dead in the southeast asian country, also known as burma. the area is a rural mining region. several mines were reported to collapse because of the shake. an aftershock has already followed. hard to believe that 100,000 people are still without power back east. >> it has been three weeks after
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hurricane sandy and still, no power for a lot of those folks. frustrations are growing. people in parts of new jersey also without power right now. meanwhile, paramedics fanned out across the rockaways section of new york city, checking in on the elderly and the disabled, anyone who might need help. people in the area say help has been slow. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of, you know, freshwater. for the first five to six days, no one was down in the rockaways. >> new york city officials have reported at least two elderly people have died in buildings without power. it has been two years in the making. dozens helped break ground for a vietnam war memorial in san jose. the monument, called sons of san jose, is going to be in a five-acre area of guadalupe river park. organizers say more than 140 san jose residents died or went missing in the vietnam war. a memorial in san jose means people don't have to go to
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washington, dc to pay their respects to the fallen. that project is expected to be complete in about 10 weeks. ♪ in honor of veterans day, a special tribute this weekend for astronaut neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier helped honor the space pioneer by reopening its exhibit of apollo program artifacts in alameda. following the moon landing in 1969, a crew of apollo 11 was quarantined on board the hornet to ensure no one had contracted any alien viruses. well, there's a new reality in sacramento. a democratic supermajority. >> we're going to take a look at the pros and cons of this big power shift. state senator mark leno joins us live in studio, next. >> and the best surfers in the world on standby right now, watching the window for the big mavericks contest. >> well, i hope they bring their
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wet suit. it's go doing be cold around the bay area today. plenty of sunshine, as we get off to a beautiful start on sunday morning. temperatures today manage only low 60s. we'll have the entire forecast, as we gaze told the golden gate bridge. we'll do all of that, after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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icers found more bay area headlines. the search is over for the man suspected of murdering his wife in san jose. officers found the body of 50-year-old troy nasinzo yesterday. police believe he committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. they had been searching for him since his wife patricia was found dead in their home early friday morning. the morgan hill mom accused of using her 10-year-old daughter to shop lift may enter a plea on tuesday. investigators say marci keylien tried to steal from a grocery store in september. when she was caught, she abandoned her daughter and drove off. she told authorities she was suffering from mental illnesses at the time. the world's best and bravest
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surfers are on standby right now as the window for the famed mavericks surf competition is officially open. event organizers have until the end of march to schedule the contest, if the waves get big enough. any predictions on that for us, brian hackney? >> i do not. we'll see. >> don't think it's going to happen any time soon, though? >> not in today's weather. >> exactly. well, it will happen soon, but it's always -- some of the waves can be powering. for the bay area, we're looking at cold temperatures. that's the headline here. frost advisories are posted, as numbers plunged into the upper 20s overnight, low 30s this morning. kind of the coolest hours of the daytime right now, before and after sunrise. frost advisory posted for the north bay until 8:00 this morning. right now, you can see the numbers are pretty cool. 35 at concord, 40 at oakland. livermore, 36. san francisco, 45. san jose, 38 degrees, literally freezing in santa rosa. here's how it looks regarding
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weather headlines. chilly start to today. slight warming trend begins, a little warmer today than we had yesterday. next chance of rain coming into the bay area later in the week. we will beat on that as the models are kind of slowing the system down a little bit. low pressure pushing into the pacific northwest. high pressure is kind of keeping it at bay, though. as a result, maybe a few high clouds as we start tomorrow morning. but today, it's going to be nice and clear with plenty of sunshine around. high pressure, parked over the west coast will keep us nice and sunny. forecast lows tonight, we'll look at numbers in the upper 50s -- i'm sorry, upper 40s for the immediate bay area. 49 degrees at oakland. 47 at redwood city. down to 43 at santa rosa. so not as cool tonight as it has been. we probably won't have frost advisories to start tomorrow morning. pinpoint forecast in the bay area, 61 degrees at santa rosa. 61 for napa, 51 at fairfield. san jose manages 60 degrees today. even so, all of this, warmer
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than it was yesterday. extended forecast, a nice little warming trend under way in the bay area until things begin to get a little bit sticky toward the end of the week. could get rain again in the bay area by week's end. that's weather. let's get the latest from phil and anne. >> thanks, brian. democratic lawmakers in sacramento now have a supermajority, with two-thirds of the seat in both the senate and assembly. that means they can pass tax increases and amendments to the constitution without any republican vote. >> yeah, but they will is it -- still have to answer to the voters, and there's new responsibilities when you're calling all the shots. senator mark leno for years has decried the tyranny of the republican authority ruling the roost by simply saying no. that's gone now. what can we expect to see? >> there seems to be a buzz that unlike sixth graders, home alone on a friday night, we're going to raise every tax, then burn down the house. >> that's not true? >> i don't think that's going to
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happen. prop 30 stabilizes us. it means we won't have to make-- >> that was the governor's tax plan, increase taxes-- >> -- more in cuts, but doesn't give us surplus money to reinvest all the public structures that have been devastated as a result of the lack of revenue over recent years. so it gets us to sea level. the economy is coming back. we can see a brighter future. over time, we can reinvest in education, reinvest in higher education, social services. but it's not happening tomorrow and it's not happening the next day. >> so what everybody's wondering, will our taxes be raised within the near future, the next year, two years? >> well, voters decided that taxes will be raised, of course-- >> besides prop 30. >> beyond prop 30? that's not where we're going to be focusing. there are other things that we can do with a two-thirds vote threshold. a lot of the dysfunction that appears from sacramento is because the majority has not had the authority to do its job. with a two-thirds vote threshold, without a two-thirds
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majority, the minority can literally veto what the majority wants. now the majority can do these jobs. >> it's a little evasive. we're saying not taxes, at least not now. what are the other things you think are going to be on the table? >> fiscally related, we can look at tax credits, tax expenditures, tax loopholes, mostly benefiting corporations. they can be passed by a simple majority, but takes two-thirds to get them out. now we'll be able to review them. if there are antiquated ones, for example, prop 39, which closed a corporate loophole, voters supported it. we tried to close that in the legislature. no republicans would come along. and so we couldn't do it. >> so what are some of the others? >> that saves us a billion dollars there. >> but what are we -- looking forward, what are the ones-- >> so in addition to looking at tax loopholes, we can also now with a two-thirds majority of democrats without republican support put things on the ballot, constitutional amendments can be put on the ballot. so we can look at initiative
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reform. we can look at other kinds of reform. >> what about prop 13 reform? >> prop 13, we could put something back on the ballot with a two-thirds majority. >> but you still see it going to the voters? >> yes, that has to. that is in our constitution. when i talk about amending the constitution, the prop 13 is in the constitution. >> now, one of the things the governor wants, he wants regulatory reform. he wants changes in california's environmental laws, which some people see as restrictive to bills. he wants changes in california's work rules, which some businesses feel is restrictive. and yet most of this supermajority was delivered strongly by the help of organized labor so. where does that put you against the governor? >> this will be the ongoing debate. keep in mind also, our 28 democratic senators, for example, is not a monolithic block. we have variances of opinion. we represent a variance of districts, some from the central valley, some from the coast. and so we're not all like-minded. >> now, phil mentioned organized
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labor and that's a big question, pension reform. we've made some small moves, but can we see anything big when it comes to that in the near future? >> and it was not a small move. we did major pension reform last year. the governor himself said that it was the most significant pension reform since 1972. so we've already done a lot. a lot of the pension problems is at the local level, but we've also given them authority to rein some of the unsustainable spending going on at counties and city levels. >> if you were to make one prediction of what something specific that residents will see as a result of this supermajority, let's say in the next year, what would it be? >> i'm going to say, and this may be too broad a statement for you, but it's going to appear that sacramento is less dysfunctional. the majority can do its job. now, you may not agree with it 100% of the time, but we can get the job done. balancing the budget, yes, we can do it with a simple majority now because of prop 25 two years
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ago. but balancing a budget is addition and subtraction. and currently, addition is off the table because republicans had to give up their votes and all signed pledges they would never raise a tax or a fee or even repeal a tax credit, because they consider that a tax increase. so we've got addition and subtraction on the table. we can do our job. there will beless dysfunction. >> interesting to see where the governor calls on this. obviously a democrat, but very careful about new taxes. >> balance of our democratic process. >> senator mark leno, thank you for being here. we'll be right back.
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holiday or not. they're . a west oakland program for young people opens its doors every saturday, rain or shine, holiday or not, and they are open even when disaster strikes. as sharon chen reports, that is because this week's jefferson award winner never fails to show up. doing art today? >> reporter: 21-year-old may harris returns to the west oakland youth program that she says transformed her from drinking high school drop-out to responsible college freshman. >> graduation, you should have seen me. >> reporter: may says she owes her success to the five years she spent at what now america, the saturday afternoon program. >> i'm on the right path right now. if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't have never got on the right track. >> reporter: every saturday from
7:54 am
noon till 5:00, the nonprofit opens its doors at a recreation center. about 40 kids, age 4 to teens, pile in to learn science, language, art and math. milad, a senior business analyst, started the nonprofit in 2008 to fill a void. >> looking in this neighborhood, one of the first things that we noticed was there's a large amount of liquor stores. there's very few programs that actually cater to students' needs on saturdays. >> what's the ground beef for? >> pasta, all right. >> reporter: milad also teaches the older kids to cook healthy meals and serve them to the younger students and volunteers. all of the children take home fresh produce from the food bank. there is no nearby grocery store. only a dollar store. >> they have milk there. and their milk is three-something per gallon. the big sign says, you know, this is the only item in the store that's not a dollar. >> reporter: 12-year-old arianna jones says what now america has given her an experience she
7:55 am
wouldn't get at home. >> i have learned how to cook. i've learned how to do a lot of science experiments, how to reason with people, how to come down my anger. >> reporter: besides the saturday sessions, what now america's 75 volunteers stage back-to-school events, christmas movie day, and a thanksgiving dinner. milad is always there. he even showed up for a holiday program the day after his berkeley apartment building caught fire. board member leann alameda. >> it was our big event and he didn't want to let the fire keep him from being here for the kids. and i just was blown away. >> my reaction was, you know, while i can truly say that all i own is everything that i'm wearing currently, i still feel like i have more support than many of the students that we're offering services to. >> reporter: so for offering support and encouragement to west oakland children every saturday afternoon, this week's jefferson award in the bay area
7:56 am
goes to milad. sharon chen, cbs 5. >> and milad tells us the group has great need right now for donations for paper school supplies and groceries to keep the program running. if you can help, connect with what now america online, using the link at click the connect button at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find our story. what is next for mitt romney? the chairman of the california republican party joins us in the next half hour. >> and the biographer who got too close to her subject. new revelations in the fbi e-mail probe that brought down america's most famous general. >> we existed day by day until we could get home. >> they fought for our freedom. today, we are honoring our service members. the bay area tributes on this veterans day. we'll be right back.
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this time - at an assisted living facility. brown: headache!.. ((butt t) all of the sudden you got me people than you can feed and what else can we expecth a new democratic supermajory in sacramento. "if you didn't try your bes, people were going to die." and honoring the men and won who went to war. the
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welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is _ _ _. it's sunday, nover 11-th. good morning, i'm phl matier. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k about in the next half-hour. (chat about stories, upcomig guests) welcome back to eyewitness news. we're looking at a cold stao our sunday morning. we saw frost advisories we have a lot to take about in the next half hour. power shift in sacramento and washington, d.c. chair of republican party will be here. i'm sure this guy has been licking his wounds. >> not just on the national level but the state level. we are trying to find out if there is a party left in the republican party. former state assembly speaker willie brown sits down with us and talking about the upside of the super majority. when you get down to the legislator turns out it can be
8:01 am
a headache. >> could be careful what you wish for situation. we have a lot coming up. first, let's check on our weather. it is another cold start to our weekend morning. colder than what we saw yesterday. >> we have frost advisories around the bay area. numbers warmer than they were yesterday. sunny. cool. we'll have the entire forecast coming up. a southwest flight from oakland took a frightening detour in denver this weekend when it slid off a portion of the tarmac. >> denver officials say after 5:00 yesterday evening flight 1905 skidded off the taxiway in snowy conditions and freezing temperatures. there are no reports of injuries. passengers were bussed from the plane to the airport concourse. it is not something you
8:02 am
expect when you put a family member in an assisted living facility. two people at the golden age villa died after eating soup made with wild mushrooms. it appears to be a tragic missage. >> reporter: beautiful placer county land surrounds the golden villa elderly caregiver home. on tuesday a caregiver picked mushrooms found on the property and used them to make soup and fed it to the residents. two are now dead. four others, including the caregiver are hospitalized. >> can you tell me what happened? >> no. >> thank you. >> reporter: it is a sad story but not unique. those here at the san francisco call center california poison control system hear it often this time of year. >> we get them every year where people pick wild mushrooms and pick deadly mushrooms and wind up in the hospital very sick. in intensive care with a
8:03 am
failing liver. >> reporter: only treatment is supportive care and a liver transplant, if that can be gotten. >> for people considering eating wild mushrooms i would have to say it is a bad idea. >> reporter: what are the chances of picking mushrooms that are dangerous? consider this. there are some four to five thousand known species of mushrooms. 200 have been shown to be safe to eat. 50 to 100 are known poisonous. the rest? well that's the chance you take. >> if you don't know the species name or have proper identification you should not pick them. >> reporter: placer county sheriff's office calls it a tragic accident. here's a story that's grabbed the nation's attention. scandal that brought down cia director david petraeus started with harassing e-mails sent by
8:04 am
his biographer and mistress to another woman. an official who spoke with the association press said the fbi investigated her e-mails and uncovered the relationship. they were concerned pet yeah's computer had been compromised. cia offices said petraeus resigned because they believe it was the right thing do. >> there was calculus on the director's math to say this will come out some how, some way, some time and i have thousand of employees i hold to one standard. when it does come out they are going to say why isn't the standard the boss was held to? >> house members will meet with the fbi to find out more in the investigation. on this veterans day we are honoring those who risk their lives to protect our liberty. here is a story of two such men. >> one flight there was a big
8:05 am
explosion. everybody rushed to the docks and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> reporter: herman is a world war ii veteran. he remembers when ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over. people were still alive. if you didn't try your best people were going to do. >> reporter: at 18 he became a hero that night. >> i got in a row boat and started pulling people out. it was horror. complete horror to see people like that. >> reporter: he was scared to go into battle. he believes it was the right thing to do. >> stories that came out of nazi germany were horrific. being of the jewish faith it
8:06 am
affected me more than somebody else. either you were dead or alive basically. >> reporter: this 94-year-old resident served as a doctor in the philippines during world war ii. >> there is an enemy there. to me we either won a war or we wound up dead or slaves. that was our option. >> reporter: leeland says being a physician during the war saved he is life. >> if i had not been in a hospital or radiology would have been on the front lines. >> reporter: even though he didn't fight any battles the war was a difficult time for him. he left his pregnant wife behind to serve his country. >> your wife is not there. you are half living. you are existing. that's what we did. we existed day by day. until we could get home.
8:07 am
>> war is hell. you never know what one second to the next. >> reporter: herman survived two years in the war, got out, got married, he has been with his wife 66 years. as for dr. leeland his wife pass away. >> i have a huge bank of memories. that's what i live on. >> both men will be honored tomorrow morning at the family residents. republican party is going over what happened on election day. >> and what the former secretary of state says the party needs to do. more insight from chairman of the california republican party in the golden state. he is joining us next. super majority in sacramento. why democratic lawmakers may need to reach out to the other side of the aisle. >> we have a chilly start to
8:08 am
the bay area on your sunday morning. it is going to be a chilly day. warmer than it was yesterday as we gaze towards trans america pyramid. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:10 am
here's how things look outside this morning. low 50s in the bay area. sunshine. i'll have your whole forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
8:11 am
forecast. the republican party may be looking at re- branding aftr we have frost advisories posted around the bay area. expired 12 minutes ago. it was chilly around the bay area last night. it will be brisk today. 39 degrees concorde. 46 degrees oakland. san jose 43. santa rosa 43. chilly start this morning. warming trend will begin today.
8:12 am
by warming trend it is not going to be as cold. next chance of rain will move in the bay area late in the week. we'll look at that. first, low pressure is spinning in the gulf of alaska lowering heights over the pacific northwest. numbers are on the cool side despite the fact that in some circumstances a situation like this, where you have high pressure sitting over the pacific northwest and high pressure offshore would be a classing offshore configuration that could lead to heat. 'tis not the season. it is cool air sitting over that part of the country. if you pull it offshore you'll take cool air from the interior and bring it to the coast. things stay on the cool side. sunshine around the bay area. if you are heading out of the bay area things look nice. south we'll be 60 degrees. no matter where you go in the bay area today the temperature ranges 57 to 63.
8:13 am
plenty of sunshine. few low clouds popping up around the shoreline. it is toward the end of the week we thicken things up. maybe by late thursday early friday we'll get our next chance of rain. clear up by next saturday. that's weather. here's phil and ann. the presidential election. former secretary of state condoleezza rice told charle rose on "cbs this morning" e party is losing key segmentf the electorate. 00:00:26:01 "the changing >> thank you. republican party may be looking at rebranding after mitt romney lost the presidential election. former secretary of state condaleeza rice told charlie rose on cbs the party is losing see segments of the e vote. >> i think many of the things which the party stands are
8:14 am
broadly popular with the american people. fiscal responsibility. chances of educating children you think best. strong national defense. >> what is next? >> tom, chairman of the california republican party joins us now. good morning. we have seen this movie before. we seen it here in california. now we are seeing it in the nation. the crossroads of the republican party. not the first time your group has been down. it seems like now people keep giving the same advice and nobody seems to be taking it about reaching out. >> reaching out is important. democrats like to have change. i dedicated my chairmanship to the aid that we should be talking to a broader number of californiaians. we have to do a better job nationally on the latino issue. a big issue in last campaign. republicans lost the prosperity argument in this election. mitt romney was not able to convince people this is a better way for us to grow the economy and for you to get
8:15 am
jobs. ten years ago obama said you can get a working majority of those dependent off government. that working majority includes big business which funded tax increases in california and other segments. republicans need to do a far better job with candidates about how to grow the economy. they need to realize we are not the same elect rat we were 30 years ago. we need to do it today. mitt romney waited until the last minute to eelectrify the campaign on what he was going to do. democrats are in the game 365 days a year. republicans need it in today. >> you mentioned latino voters. how can you win these folks over with controversial topics focused on them like immigration? >> two things. coming in at the last minute
8:16 am
with someone you barely know is hard to convince them. we need to change the way we deal with immigration. i'm one of the few republicans who talk about the fact the way we approach the border issue is punitive. what you are doing wrong at the border. when you approach latinos on border safety and boarder violence they take an interest in wanting to correct the issue. instead of republicans say what we are doing is sending you to jail they need to say we have a vested interest along the border and reach a common cause. >> when i look at republicans in the elect rat there is a lot
8:17 am
is a lot of diversity. to have hispanic senators in the republican party. >> there was a lag period of time where that wasn't emphasized enough. >> is there a reluctant to bring in minorities because they feel that could threaten them? >> critical word is no. leaders in sacramento today have no reluctance what so ever. they recruited a lot of these candidates. that was a good match with some of the outreach the party was doing. the answer now? no. they invested heavily in that. >> latest numbers not good. came out a couple of weeks ago. number of registered republicans in california less than 30%. >> that relates to the fact of online. >> what you do when you are
8:18 am
less than 30% in a state? can it reemerge? >> yes. what's about to happen is california's economy will get worse. two labor leaders call for higher taxes on businesses now. this is not good for california. you'll have more jobs slide. economy will be down in two years. people will want answers. republicans not only need to have the answers but they have to spend the time in the districts today, starting today, so they develop a relationship all these communities so when the people ask for answers they will have had the relationship to begin with. >> we'll see. i don't like your outlook though. closer look at the state ofe california's party....especy with the new supermajority n sacramento. tom del beccaro with the california g-o-p. thanks! we'll be right back. in your next half hour we'll take a closer look at the state of california's party especially with the super majority in sacramento. stay around. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the party earned a supermajy in the both chambers after tuesday's elections. we turn to our political insiders, san francisco
8:21 am
chro there may be big plans for democrats in sacramento. party earned super majority in both chambers after tuesday's election. >> you know that expression, be careful what you ask for. that's why we turn to our political insiders san francisco political reporter plus former mayor and former state assembly speaker willie brown. willie brown is no stranger to having a super majority in his house. question is is it a blessing or a headache? >> headache. major major headache. but a blessing because on election night you are proud you got 54. all of a sudden you have got more people than you can feed. you better go to the food bank and get some political help to satisfy these hungry, yapping people. >> most powerful votes are the 54-55. these guys have the power. >> absolutely. the guy who has been wanting a
8:22 am
building in his district forever. nobody else wants it but him in he is district. he can say i'm number 54. my building is in the deal. >> in other words to get your super majority to work you'll have to cut as many or more deals than you did before? >> unless you are smart enough to understand don't stay within the party. go look for those five republicans who are mistreated by their leadership when they were in charge. they can now gain favor. >> best thing a democratic leader can do is get republicans on his side to control the democrat so they don't get out of hand. >> and be careful to make sure they are closet controlled votes. don't let anybody know who they are. >> closeted republicans in other words. you don't want to call them just republicans. you put them in the closet. and you only know when you are
8:23 am
negotiating you don't have to be held off. >> second dynamic is as a leader you have the super majority. how long is it before fighting breaks out among your own troops about which way you should go and who will replace you? >> day one. in the meeting on the first of december when the legislator is sworn in everybody is looking at who is going to be the next speaker. when you are in there discussing and praising the current speaker you are also suggesting i can do bet we are the next one. >> right now is the deal cutting time. >> discussing time. they can not get caught. they have not gotten committee assignment. you want to be chairman of ways and means. you want to be chairman of rules. that will be the steppingstone to the next step. the next place you want to go. you have a lot of movement to do. you have to really be clever.
8:24 am
you have to be fairly cold- blooded. >> he is no stranger to that. one of the basic things he said you might have the super majority. but to keep it you better have a couple republicans on the side to work with. you'll get crossed and double crossed by your own party members if they feel it is in their own benefit. >> coming up, a last look at this morning's top stories. >> that includes a deadly case of poisoning by wild mushrooms. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
poisonous wild mushrooms are believed to be the cause ofo deaths in placer county. a caregiver at a home for the elderly picked the mushroomd used them to make soup. two people are dead and two homes completely destroyed n explosion in indianapolis lt night. more than a dozen homes were damaged. the caus under investigation. president obama hono poisonous wild mushrooms
8:26 am
were picked and used to make soup. two people are dead and two homes destroyed in indianapolis last night. more than a dozen homes or damaged. the cause is under investigation. president obama honored tomb of the unknown at the arlington national cemetery in washington, d.c. a few minutes ago. this is video from that. earlier today the president and first lady hosted a breakfast with veterans at the white house. >> i would like to remind you face the nation starts in a few minutes on cbs 5. >> for us the news continues on our cw network. plastic guns that fire real bullets. how 3-d printers can make homemade weapons that are legal on channel 44 cable 12 at 8:30. one last look at our weather forecast. >> it is chilly today. we have rain in the forecast later in the week.
8:27 am
next couple of days nice little warming trend. it will be warmer the next few days than it has been the last few days. by friday we'll thicken up. looks like a chance of rain on friday. big chance of rain is coming in next sunday. after a little nice warming trend this week we'll take a bite out of the cold weather. we'll get wet on friday. then maybe really wet on sunday. stay tuned on that. >> it is quite a week this past one. it was amazing stuff. on "c- b-s five." the news continues on our cw network. that starts in just a few minutes over on channel 44, cable 12. thank you for joining us. face the nation is next on cbs 5. we are jumping over to the cw in a couple of minutes. if you are stepping out the door enjoy your sunday and bundle up.
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